Hinged Lead Lined Steel Doors

Swing Lead Doors for X-ray Room

Hinged Lead Lined Steel Doors for X-ray Room

Golden Door produces hinged lead lined doors for x-ray rooms where hygiene and x-ray protection are of utmost importance. The door is PU foam sandwiched with inner lead sheets. The door is steel or stainless steel with lead lined. If you need a viewing panel, we can provide flush mounting lead glass window which is nice and radiation proof. 
Different door surface material 
SUS304 Sheet
Galvanized Steel Sheet
Aluminum Sheet

Different lead lined door frames for options
SUS304 door frames
Galvanized steel door frames
Lead lined door frames can be mounted on the wall to work with lead lined doors in order to shield x-ray radiation.
Lead lined door sets incorporate lead sheeting in a range of thicknesses. This protection extends through the door frames, forming an effective barrier to radiation in all directions.
1mm Pb lead equivalence
2mm Pb lead equivalence
3mm Pb lead equivalence
Door Details
Door panel thickness: 42mm~45mm as per different lead sheeting
Maximum size: 1m width x 2.2m height for single door panel
Door leaf sandwich : PU foam, honeycomb paper, honeycomb aluminum
Finish: powder coating
View panel: with or without flush mounting lead glass windows
Seal: high quality rubber seal and bottom seal
Handles: SUS304 handle
Automation system optional
CE approved swing operator
Strong power 100 watts DC36V brushless motor
Intelligent microcomputer controller
Foot sensor switches
Safety beam sensors
Hand sensor switch
Packing & Delivery
Strong wooden crates package
3 weeks lead time for small order (no more than 20 doors) 

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