PU Panel Press Machines

PU Panel Press Machines
Uncontinuous PU sandwich panel production line, with the processing polyurethane foaming that injected into panel and solidified, can simultaneously be in load and unload working, so called “two in and two out”, model 2+2.
It has the features of the smaller figure and cheaper than continuous line and it is suitable for building cold room panel and other high recommend temp-reserve constructions.
Technical Data
Product PU panel press machine
Model 2+0, 2+2,3+0, 3+3
Working board width   1300mm~1500mm
Working board length   2000mm~13500mm
Opening height    25mm~200mm
Mould speed   10mm/s
Moving board speed   5~20 m/min
Incline angle   0-10 degrees
Working temperature  35~85 centi degrees
PU injection machine
PU door panel press machine
Cold room panel forming machine
Laser cutting machine
Steel sheet bending machine
Cold room panel aluminum molds
We provide a complete set of production line for PU panels and PU cold room doors as per customers’ budgets.

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