High Quality Automatic Sliding Hermetic Doors

High Quality Automatic Sliding Hermetically Sealed Doors 
This prouct is our NEW DESIGN automatic sliding hermetically sealed doors with Germany Dunker DC24V Brushed Motor and LED Display Microcomputer Control System. It is sliding very smoothly and very quietly. It is with unique and patented sliding track rail mechanism and when the door is closed, the door will automatically drop down by 15mm so that the door can be sealed much better with the floor and the frame. This will keep the dust out of the operation rooms. 
Different door surface material
SUS304 Sheet
Galvanized Steel Sheet
Aluminum Sheet

Technical Specification

Door panel thickness: 40mm
Maximum size: 1.6m width x 2.4m height
Door leaf sandwich : PU foam, honeycomb paper, honeycomb aluminum
Finish: powder coating
View panel: flush mounting tempered glass in square or round shape
Seal: high quality rubber seal and bottom seal
Handles: SUS304 handle
Automation system details
High strength aluminum track rail with aluminum rail cover
Special mechanical design to make the door drop down by 15mm for high level airtightness 
High quality DC24V Germany Dunker brushed motor
Intelligent microcomputer LED controller
Independent power supply box
Digital parameter modulation
Foot sensor switches inside and outside
Safety beam sensors
Hand sensor switch
Card reader
Electrical lock
Functional Pad
Packing & Delivery
Strong wooden crates package
3 weeks lead time for small order (no more than 20 doors) 

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