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Golden Door supply inflated seal doors for superior performance in laboratory containment. Our inflated air tight sealed doors are composed of door frame, door leaf, inflated gaskets and inflation system, which are widely used in high isolation bio-safety laboratories, pharmaceutical workshops, disinfection rooms etc.
Golden Door’s seal doors offer the ultimate in airtight containment for busy laboratory facilities with large animals or wheeled instruments.  The doors feature a doorframe fitted flush with the floor avoiding the trip hazard experienced with mechanically sealed doors.
The door seal can be inflated using compressed air, to form an airtight seal with the wrap-around doorframe. The doors are proof against leakage with pressure differences as high as 1000Pa (four inch water gauge) and can function with a pre-existing laboratory compressed air system.
The inflated seal doors can be supplied in a choice of solid core phenolic resin, powder-coated steel or polished stainless steel.
High Containment Laboratories
Our inflated seal doors are typically installed in high containment laboratories and contained areas of heavy traffic in which air leakage must be avoided – for example in medical-grade clean rooms, pharmaceutical facilities and bio-hazard areas (BSL4-Ag, BSL4, BSL3-Ag and BSL3).
The seal provides a high level of containment throughout fumigation and decontamination operations in laboratories and clean rooms. The doors can be fitted effectively for sealing against stud, concrete and block work walls.
Leak-tight seal and hygiene are guaranteed through inflatable gaskets.
Quality and robustness.
Available in all the sizes.
Different finishings.
Round viewing window.
Flush floor for the passage of trolleys or pallets.
Electromagnetic lock by automatic control buttons.
Emergency release valve.
Emergency stop button.
Thermal and acoustic insulation.
Easy to assemble.
Low maintenance.
Wide range of accessories.
Optional Automatic PLC control. 
Option Core Door: aluminum honeycomb, insulated rock wool 
Frames external plates: stainless steel 2.0mm thick
Leaf external plates: stainless steel 1.5mm thick / powder coated galvanized steel 1.5mm thick
Colors and finishes: 3 options for stainless steel finishes/ 5 colors for powder coated steel finishes
Usable path dimensions: Height 2100mm, Width 700,800,900 or 1000mm.
Tightness system:  silicon rubber inflatable gasket by compressed air.
Maximum pressure:  <=1500Pa 
Range of adjustable press: 0.05~0.25MPa
View Window Dimension: Tempered glass dia. 330mm
Signals: red light/off ; green light/on

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