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Bio Safety Pass Through
Bio Safety Pass Box 
Pass box is a kind of auxiliary equipment in clean area. It is mainly used in the bio safety area. It can reduce the number of opening doors and minimize the pollution process in clean area.
Bio-safety is a very important issue in the research or production process. It is not only related to the personal safety of equipment users, but also related to the peripheral groups and even caused some social disease transmission.
Laboratory staff should be aware in advance of the risks of the activities they are subjected to and the activities they are controlled to perform under acceptable qualified conditions. Laboratory staff should recognize but not rely too much on the safety of facilities and equipment, the basic reason for most bio-safety accidents is lack of awareness and neglect of management.
Bio-safety air-tight pass box can effectively solve the problem. The pass box is composed of a stainless steel channel with two interlocked inflated small doors, the polluted stuff cannot be easily taken out from the biological labs.
Two systems available in the pass box

Pass Box with Spraying Clean System 
Pass Box with UV Sterilization System 

Technical specifications 

SS304/316 cabinets for BSL3, BSL4 applications

Interlocked gasket sealed air tight doors (optional inflated gasket air tight doors)

Compressed air path control device

High End Siemens PLC automatic control system

Push button control opening and closing doors

Double layer flush mounting viewing glass

Emergency release valve optional

Emergency stop button optional 





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