Electrical Sliding Freezer Doors

Electrical Sliding Freezer Doors

Electrical Sliding Cold Room Doors

Electrical Sliding Cool Room Doors 

Electrical sliding freezer doors are widely used for cold rooms with very low temperature. It is easy to operate and safety for the workers. 

Our electrical sliding cold room doors are available in custom made sizes for temperature ranges -25°C ~ 0°C. The doors are finished in a white coated food safe or stainless steel sheet for food preparation areas meeting international hygiene standards.
Our doors have an innovative track system which is safe, reliable and easy to operate allowing perfect sealing when closed. The door blades are constructed with a high density injected polyurethane core resulting in excellent insulation properties coupled with robust construction.
Manual or automatic operation is available with safe reliable electric drive units fully compliant with the latest standards.
Technical Data
Product     electrical sliding freezer doors
Rail system  hermetic with stainless steel hangers and nylon bearings
Drive unit   servo control system with industrial motor, AC220V/50HZ
Max Size    4000mm x 4500mm high weight 400 kgs
Doorblade  white coated galvanized steel edge frame with high density injected polyurethane panels 100,120, 150 mm thick for options
Finishes   white coated polyester or stainless steel
Gaskets   tough rubber tubular gasket for perfect sealing
Handles   stainless steel lever handles
Frames    aluminum door frames with rubber gasket and heating tapes 
Heating    AC220V  heating frames and with heated threshold; Optional DC36V PTC heating tapes 

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