cool room rapid roller doors

Cool Room Rapid Roller Doors

Cool Room High Speed Roller  Doors

This rapid roller door is specially designed for cool rooms which is air tight and heat insulated.

Technical Specifications

Maximum door width and height  1000mm~4000mm width ; 1500mm~4000mm height

Control system (servo system)  The system uses a special servo system with DSP chip. The system sets the opening height of the door by receiving the encoder signal from the motor tail and the switch signal of the mechanical origin position.

1. The system displays the fault code through the LED

2. Steering protection: when the motor drive line is wrongly connected, it will report an error directly and the door will not act.

3. The torque ring, position ring and speed ring are all closed.

4. Energy vector brake function, can make the motor stop at the desired position without electromagnetic brake pads.

Driving system (motor): Adopt servo motor system, including encoder, brake system, reducer and emergency manual change open mechanism.

Moving speed: opening speed 600mm/second~1200mm/second (adjustable); closing speed 600mm/second (adjustable)

Curtain material: 10mm thickness heat insulated PVC foam, both sides are sealed with PVC foam for heat insulation.

Frame material: frame and track made by aluminum,  pelmet to be  stainless steel 304

Airtight function: with high quality EPDM rubber gasket to be hermetic and heat insulation.

Anti wind function: maximum wind force 6 grade, can upgrade to wind force 8 grade.

Safety functions: 1. safety beam sensors 2. door curtain bottom safety edge protection

Manually operated: if power fails, can be opened and closed by wrench

Power supply: AC220V/13A/50HZ/60HZ.

Insulation protection IP54 control box. Water proof and dust proof even under atrocious conditions.

Open modes: standard push buttons with emergency stop. Optional microwave sensors, floor loop induction, pull switch, remotes etc.

Reserve terminals: In the control box, we preserve terminals for safety beam sensors, microwave sensors, floor loop inductions, pull switches, remote controllers, interlocking functions etc.




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