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Smart ICM motor is specially designed for sliding freezer doors. It has inner controller and no need of extra control box like traditional industrial motors. It is completely waterproof design and can work for a very long time in freezer rooms.
I. Product features
1. Super noiseless : Drive directly, no need gearbox, motor running at a low speed, noiseless.
2. Free maintenance : Drive directly, no gearbox, no brush, no friction, so no parts replacements and maintenance.
3. Long life for use: Motor running at a low speed, so its gear can be sued for a long time.
4. Energy saving: PM brushless motor, servo control, high efficiency.
5. Labor saving: No need of installation of gearbox or control box, save the labor cost.
6. Running smooth: Including high resolution optical encoder inside the motor, cold room doors running smooth.
7. Complete functions: Can work with all type of sliding freezer or vertical sliding doors.
8. Convenient for use: Setters or computers can work with online monitoring, or you can adjust the technical data via setters or computers.
9. High speed replication : The technical data of the motor can be saved in the computer. Via online the same model motor can read the saved data and copy it into its own, therefore you can save the time of adjusting the data manually.
10. Low EMI: No need extra control unit, the ICM motor includes drivers, encoders and controls as one unit, no need connection wire between motor and control box, can reduce EMI.
11. Remote debugging & remote control.
II. Technical data
1. Model: 3 models
l ICM-170D116H-22; 220V/50HZ; 500Watts; 220 r/min; 60 N*M; 200kgs;
l ICM-170D126H-18; 220V/50HZ; 750Watts: 180 r/min; 80 N*M; 400kgs;
l ICM-170D156H-15; 220V/50HZ; 1000Watts; 150 r/min; 120 N*M; 1000kgs;
2. Sealed waterproof motor, meet the national standard. Equipped with gold plated power wire and gold plated signal wire, can be used for more than twenty years.
3. Self-heating function. It can automatically heat itself from -5℃ to 5℃, then start to work.
4. Open by hands easily, no need clutch.
5. Anti-collision function: When the door is sliding, if it touches any objects, it will stop automatically and then turn back.

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