Enforced Shower Decontamination

Enforced Water Shower System for Disinfection and  Decontamination
To ensure the requirements of biological laboratories and to meet higher protection requirements, we designed a mandatory water shower system for people from a bacterial environment to a sterile environment. The system integrates our years of experience in the passing through of biological laboratories, as well as inflated seal doors with interlocking function and the current water shower modes, which provides users with greater convenience and flexibility.
In pharmaceutical production environments, water shower systems are becoming increasingly important and have been considered to ensure the safety of the entire personnel and the safety of the user.
Technical specifications
SS304/316 cabinets for BSL3 or BSL4 applications

SS304/316 inflated gasket seal doors with interlock function

High End Siemens PLC automatic control system

Independent shower system, spraying volume and time can be adjusted. 

Constant temperature water supply system 

Optional Air Purification System

Emergency stop button 

Power Supply AC220V 50HZ

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