BSL3 Level Mechanical Gasket Air Tight Sealed Doors

BSL3  Mechanical Gasket Air Tight Sealed Doors
Mechanical Gasket Air Tight Sealed Doors for High Containment Facilities
Golden Door’s air pressure resistant mechanical  gasket air tight sealed doors for high level containment area for BSL3 laboratories and pharmaceuticals. This door creates a reliable airtight barrier with a sturdy, but pliable seal, which is compressed against the door frame.
The mechanical seal does not rely on compressed air to form a sealed closure. Therefore, the doors provide effective seals, even power loss.
The product features a user-friendly design using a steel arm to press the door into the seal.  The mechanism is fixed onto the doorframe, to avoid adding extra weight to the door itself.  The mechanical seal door requires a raised threshold to form an unbroken seal.  Where a flush threshold is needed, our pneumatic sea doors can be used instead.
Our mechanical seal doors are an effective solution for BSL3 or BSL4 laboratories, and other applications that necessitate a high level of containment.  The raised threshold means that the mechanically sealed doors are best suited to low traffic areas, where wheeled carts are not required.
Technical Specifications

  • BSL3 level security protection
  • Strong stainless steel 304 or 316 door leaf , 50mm thickness
  • Strong stainless steel 304 or 316 door frames, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm depth for options
  • High quality stainless steel hinges and handles
  • Siemens PLC Interface Panel Interlocking System
  • High Quality Magnetic Locks
  • High Quality Dorma Door Closer 
  • Emergency Buttons for exit   
  • Low maintenance 
  • High Quality Straightforward design with fail-safe seal
  • Easy to open one-handed.
  • Closing mechanism mounted to the door frame for added strength.
  • Can be fitted with a range of access and control systems.
  • Precision machined solid-core door. 


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